Fonté Portofino Coffee


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Portofino is a blend of coffees from the Indonesian region designed to feature a balanced presentation of the variety of flavors typical of the area. Low acid Java and Sumatra coffees bring a heavy body and buttery mouthfeel to the mix, as well as contributing their very distinctive earthy, herbal aromas. Cleaner, lighter Papua New Guinea beans balance the blend with a brighter, more acidic presence as well as adding nutty aromas to a developed, dark chocolate finish.

Origin: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea

Tasting Notes: This lush blend offers a very full-bodied, lightly acidic cup with a deep, complex aroma. Earthy notes at the outset suggest a pleasing musty quality, while herbal aromas hint at the toastyness of a good Oolong. The finish, bright with citrus at first, ends with thick, dark chocolate notes.