Fonté Kenya Kagumoini AA Microlot

Kenya Kagumoini AA Microlot

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Kenyan coffees are appreciated for their bright, clean qualities. Many feature a signature prominence of acidity. This classic style Kenya, produced by several small farms surrounding the Kagumoini washing station in the Nyeri region, came through the Kenya auction system as a discrete small lot that we were able to secure. Many of the contributing farms are at altitudes above 5,000 feet, which lengthens the fruit’s maturation time and allows for an extended development of flavors. Careful fermentation and washing stages are followed by precise drying on raised beds. The coffee comes to us in vacuum sealed bags, ensuring stable, consistent quality in the green.
Vivid in the cup, our perfectly balanced Kenya Kagumoini features big fruity acidity, marked by deep cherry notes and a long finish of currants and chocolate topped by a bit of ruby grapefruit. Excellent as French Press.

Tasting notes: fruity acidity, cherry and black current, chocolate and grapefruit finish.