Fonté Colombia La Loma Microlot

Colombia La Loma Microlot

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As a student Javier Golondrino used to help his father pick coffee every season. When Javier turned 15, knowing that he had a knack and a love for farming, his father gifted him a small part of the family farm. Javier has managed to grow his small parcel of land into a reasonably-sized farm of 2 hectares and now cares for 10,000 Caturra and Colombia trees high in the hills surrounding the small town of La Plata in Colombia’s Huila department. He calls his small farm La Loma (meaning the hill) simply in honor of the hill upon which it lies.

Javier hand harvests all his coffee, sorting out any under ripe or damaged cherries. His attention to detail throughout the process results in an immaculate, nuanced coffee that is by necessity of very limited quantity.

Tasting Notes: La Loma opens in the cup with a delightful sweetness over a syrupy body. Notes of caramel begin to dominate as you savor the coffee, giving way as the cup cools to a pleasing white grape acidity. Caramel and toffee notes then take center stage, with delicate aromas of nutmeg and almond closing the long finish.